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Atkinson Family Practice
Behavioral Health Providers

All of our therapists are full up right now. We are maintaining a waiting list for them at the office and recommend that you see your PCP to address your mental health concerns at this time.


Nora Schwartz-Martin, MD, Director of Behavioral Health

Nora joined Atkinson Family Practice in 2013. She was trained in psychiatry at New England Medical Center Cambridge Health Alliance, and Harvard University Student Services, and received training at Boston Psychoanalytic Association. She has extensive training in psychopharmacology and emergency psychiatry. The opportunity to work at an integrative medical practice AND raise her family in the town she grew up in was too good to be true, so Nora joined the AFP team. She believes she definitely made the right decision. Nora and her husband are the proud parents of two special needs teenagers, and their many talents continue to amaze them every day. In her free time, Nora loves skiing and swimming with her boys, and escaping the chaos of everyday life with her husband for date nights at the movies.

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Zoe Abram

Zoe Abram, CMHC

In therapy, Zoe works to honor clients’ experiences, move what is “stuck,” explore learned beliefs and behavior patterns, and aid in developing new ways of thinking and being. Before Zoe became a therapist, she was a farmer and worked in nature connection – she is amazed by the wildness of our internal landscapes as well as the external. She thinks of therapy as an invitation, to get curious, to accept, to uncover, to grow, and to awaken deeper self compassion and connection. Trained in conscious communication, as a counselor Zoe sees herself as part of a team, whether she is working with an individual, a couple or a family. Outside of work, you can find her spending time with loved ones including parenting her two kids, chasing a good “polar plunge,” singing along (off-key) to whatever music is playing, or daydreaming in the garden.

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Max Baumkel, LCSW

Max (he/him/his) approaches clients with a gentle, curious, and playful stance, with a focus on building a therapeutic relationship grounded in safety and non-judgment. He works with people ages 13 and over around complex trauma, family-of-origin issues, relationship issues, and explorations of sex, sexual trauma, sexual identity, and gender identity. Max practices therapy through psychodynamic, attachment-based, and relational frameworks meaning that he believes our earliest experiences inform how we show up in relationships, and that a strong therapeutic alliance can give people space to try out new ways of being with ourselves and others. Max also believes that the impacts of racism/white supremacy, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, classism, ableism, fatphobia, and legacies of colonization show up in our bodies and shape our self-concept. He thinks that acknowledging how systemic privilege and oppression operate on/through us can be a valuable part of the therapeutic process. Max uses interventions from DBT/mindfulness practices to support people – and help people learn to support themselves – in moments of intense activation or distress. Max is also in the process of becoming an AASECT-certified sex therapist. He is a kink/BDSM-aware and polyamory-affirming practitioner. In his non-work life, Max likes to read, cook/eat, watch gymnastics, go on long walks, and make zines.

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Laura Bete, LCSW, MSW

Laura is a trauma informed, integrative therapist who works with adolescents, adults, and couples. Some frameworks that guide their practice are Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), narrative therapy, and anti-oppressive psychodynamic theories. They specialize in working with folks who have experienced complex trauma, are struggling with depression, are gender questioning or transitioning, and who feel things really intensely. Before becoming a therapist, Laura worked as a wilderness guide and led backpacking trips in Maine. In their spare time, they enjoy reading and hiking with their two dogs.

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Emily Bloch, LICSW

Emily is a therapist for adults and adolescents over age 16. Emily’s clinical approach is trauma-informed and relational, starting from the position that past experiences and attachments have profound effects on our everyday lives, relationships, and ability to move forward. She specializes in working with people experiencing challenges associated with relationships, parenting (from pregnancy through empty nest), careers, aging, trauma, and grief. She has a special interest in working with those inhabiting multiple cultures and communities (through, for example, racial identity, class, immigration, religion, and gender). Emily’s previous clinical work has been in community mental health, college counseling, parenting, and hospice settings. Emily earned her degree from the Smith College School for Social Work. Emily also holds an MFA in Fiction Writing and comes to clinical social work after a first career as a writer and journalist with a focus on parenting and women’s health.

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Jenna Jolly, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC

Jenna completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Massachusetts in 2001, earning her nursing degree with a minor in psychology. She continued her education at UMASS and graduated with her Family Nurse Practitioner degree in 2005 and has been practicing in primary care ever since. Working throughout the years in primary care has fostered her love for psychiatry. She understands that the mental health of her patients encompasses the whole person and, without a strong sense of mental well-being, the physical person suffers. She went on to pursue her psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner certification and is excited to join Atkinson Family Practice’s psychiatric team. She is eager to work collaboratively with her patient’s primary care team, understanding the importance of a partnered approach to health.

Jenna is excited to build therapeutic relationships with her patients and feels that, through listening and really hearing her patients, an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan can be formed. She encourages her patients to participate in their health journey and feels that self-care and a healthy lifestyle are strong contributors to one’s mental health.


Outside of work, she enjoys staying active outdoors, gardening, biking, skiing, and spending time with her family- her husband, two teenage boys, and two black labs.

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Maria McCarthy, LICSW

Maria hails from the Boston area. She went to Assumption College in Worcester and graduated from Salem State College with her masters in social work. Prior to starting with AFP, Maria was a social worker and therapist for Wing Hospital in Palmer. She enjoys working with people who have both substance abuse and mental health issues. Her hobbies include going to the beach, and spirituality.

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Greg Petrosky, Ed.D

Greg received his doctorate from Boston University where he focused on developmental studies and counseling. He has extensive training in both clinical psychology and sport psychology. He and his wife served in the Peace Corps before settling in Western Massachusetts. He has been practicing as a licensed Psychologist in this area since 1995. In addition to the development of programs and consultations to schools, Greg provides individual, family, and group psychotherapy serving children, adolescents, and adults. With use of behavioral, cognitive, and family techniques he seeks to create a supportive therapeutic environment that examines each member’s readiness for growth and builds upon their individual and collective strengths. Some specific areas of interest include working with people who are struggling with concerns about their bodies and weight. He enjoys helping people understand the relationship between food and psychological health. He also works with athletes, students, and professionals interested in strengthening their psychological skills as a means to improve performance.

Patients can contact Greg by calling 413-532-3125.

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John Reino, CAGS, LMHC

John’s been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor since 1998 after studying psychology at Boston University, Westfield State, and Springfield College. Earlier in his career he worked on inpatient units, at outpatient clinics and on a crisis team. After this he taught psychology at a local community college and worked at the VA in a research program. For the last 17 years he’s been employed in the criminal justice system working in prison mental health and as an addictions specialist within a local jail. John is a Gulf War veteran after serving 4 years aboard a destroyer as a Naval Officer. John is primarily trained in CBT but he employs other modalities as well. He spent one semester at a training institute in psychoanalysis to explore his interest in depth-psychology. John played ice hockey for 43 years; He now trains and competes in triathlon events throughout the northeast.

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Evan Shopper, LICSW

Evan earned his degree from the Smith School of Social Work, and provides a compassionate, safe, and non-judgmental atmosphere to help his clients better understand themselves and those things which create suffering in their lives. He has an honest, straightforward approach, and is warm and respectful of his clients’ struggles and strengths. Believing that everyone is affected by past experiences and relationships, Evan helps others understand how these experiences affect them so that they can find healthier ways of living.While Evan works with adults, he also specializes in working with adolescents/children. He has experience treating people with trauma and abuse, complex relationship issues, and parenting challenges. When working with children, he collaborates closely with parents and guardians to support them and their specific family needs, and also works with Spanish-speaking parents. Evan can be reached on his confidential line at (413) 835-1593

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Jennifer Smolinski, EdD, JD, LMHC

Jennifer Smolinski is our child/young adult therapist with a vast array of experience. She is a trained school adjustment counselor as well as an attorney. She has a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Supervisions from American International College in Springfield, MA, and she excels working directly with young people and their families. Her work at Atkinson Family Practice is as a therapist and advocate to provide support with social-emotional learning issues, anxiety, ADHD and stress management. Jennifer sees herself as part of a team working with kids and their families.

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Anne Vaillant, Psychiatric NP

Anne Vaillant has worked in healthcare for over 30 years as a CNA, counselor, RN, nurse midwife and psychiatric nurse practitioner in community health centers, birth centers and tertiary care centers across the state. Anne joined AFP in January 2019 and is thrilled to find a holistic “medical home” where she can help to integrate primary care and mental health in one practice. Anne’s many clinical interests include mindfulness-based therapies, dialectical behavior therapy, and the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and subsequent mental and physical illness. In her spare time Anne can be found hiking with her family, gardening, fermenting, or making mosaics.

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Hanna Vaughn, LCSW

Hanna (she/her) is a licensed therapist specializing in working with individuals who identify as neurodivergent, those who have experienced complex trauma, those struggling with diet culture, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. She uses internal family systems and attachment theory as a base for understanding how we make sense of our own experiences and how we relate to others. Additionally, she offers TFCBT therapy (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to address trauma, anxiety, and negative thought patterns for clients 7-18 and caregivers who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events. 

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Chaia Wolf, LICSW

Chaia is trained in Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Mindfulness, Clinical Hypnosis and various meditation techniques. She has been a therapist helping individuals, couples and families transform their lives since 1997. She specializes in helping couples deepen and enrich their relationships, and parent more effectively. She is trained in Imago therapy, Gottman therapy and Non-Violent Communication. She provides the Stress Management Program, which helps individuals manage anxiety by developing healthy habits and positive solutions. She also provides a Women’s Holistic Health Program, supporting pre/postpartum women, women grieving pregnancy and other losses and women diagnosed with cancer and other health concerns. Chaia also offers Divorce Mediation Services. She has been a divorce mediator for the past twenty years and is a facilitator and program coordinator for divorce services with the Hampshire Probate Court. In her spare time, you can find her enjoying the trails, either on foot or cross-country skiing with my amazing family and puppy. In the summer time, she is either paddling in her kayak, picking blueberries in Maine, immersing herself (and family!) into new cultures, or just spending time laughing, playing cards, being in the community, and breathing deeply. She can be reached at

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Peter Wood, LICSW

Change is opportunity…and just because we don’t see the answer doesn’t mean it’s not there. Therapy may take a variety of paths depending on the goals of the person seeking help. Peter has over 20 years of experience providing treatment for people who have had the wisdom to recognize a problem and the courage to ask for help to improve his/her quality of life. Currently, Pete leads the Amherst Coop Support Group.You can reach Peter by phone at (413) 253-4094, or by e-mail at

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