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Patient Portal Information


Dear Patients,

We at AFP are working very hard continue to provide you with excellent care, but there are only so many hours in the day. We ask that you be an active partner in your own care.

Please make use of the patient portal and download the Healow app to your phone so you can obtain the results of your tests and receive communications from our providers. We will not give you routine results by phone.

Please keep track of your appointments and let us know if you cannot keep them. We do not make reminder calls.

If you have reached out to us please trust us and give us a chance to do the work you have requested. Due to the pandemic, months of routine screenings were cancelled and we are working with our hospital partners to get these procedures scheduled as quickly as possible. Because of the backlog of appointments throughout the spring, wait times for screening procedures have increased. We are all very busy attending to many patient requests.

Thank you, Dr. Kate and everyone at AFP

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