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Atkinson Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine provides a unique relationship with your provider for an annual fee. Patients will get a highly personalized primary care experience when they enroll in Atkinson Concierge Medicine. Coming soon!


Read on for our FAQs and to complete an interest form. 

Meet our Concierge Provider!

Meet Dr. Shayne Taylor!

Dr. Shayne Sebold Taylor (she/her) is very excited to join AFP and make western Massachusetts her new home.  She was born and raised amongst the saguaro cacti of Tucson, Arizona. She completed her undergraduate studies with concentrations in Biology and Women’s and Gender Studies at Emory University in Atlanta. Afterwards she did a brief stint in New York City before beginning medical school at Drexel University College of Medicine, where she was inducted into AOA and graduated with honors. Dr. Taylor moved south to Nashville, TN for her training at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She completed a combined program in both internal medicine and pediatrics and holds board certifications in both fields. Dr. Taylor has spent the last five years 


as an assistant professor of medicine at Vanderbilt. She founded and created the transgender clinic at Vanderbilt which expanded to include multiple specialities across the enterprise and has treated thousands of patients experiencing gender dysphoria. Dr. Taylor believes in the value of comprehensive and evidence based primary care. She enjoys building deep and longitudinal relationships with her patients. She truly enjoys medicine and remains engaged in the constant pursuit of knowledge to improve her ability to care for patients. Dr. T is excited to be a part of the community in the Pioneer Valley. She brings along her husband and two (very cute) young daughters. She welcomes the opportunity to become your trusted physician. 

Hear More From Dr. Taylor!

RSVP for our Concierge Medicine Open Houses!

IN PERSON Open House: November 29th, 6:15pm (FULL)
VIRTUAL Open House: November 30th, 6:15pm via Zoom
To RSVP, email!
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Atkinson Concierge Medicine FAQ

Read these 10 commonly asked questions about concierge medicine:
  • How long is TMS treatment?
    A typical initial course of treatment is about 19-37 minutes per session over the course of six weeks. Your doctor will determine what is right for you.
  • How does NeuroStar TMS work?
    NeuroStar uses focused magnetic pulses (similar in strength to an MRI), to revitalize underactive areas of the brain involved in regulating mood. When these regions are underactive, depression can result. "Waking up" these regions can have a lasting effect on depression.
  • Are there any restrictions on TMS?
    TMS is not right for you if you have a non-removable conductive metal in/near the head. There is a rare risk of seizure associated with the use of TMS in patients who have a high potential for seizure based on genetic history.
  • Is TMS painful?
    The most common side effect with TMS is mild to moderate pain or discomfort at the treatment site. For most patients, this subsides within the first week of treatment,
  • Am I eligible for TMS therapy?
    Let’s consider the following questions… Have you been diagnosed with major depression? Have you tried more than two(possibly more than 4) different antidepressant treatments? Have you had side effects on the highest doses or a non response? Have you had psychotherapy recently? Do depression symptoms interfere with your day-to-day life? Are you dissatisfied with results from your antidepressants? Have you worried about side effects from your depression medication? Are you interested in a proven, non-drug therapy for your depression? ​ If you answered yes to several of these questions, please fill out the eligibility form and email it to our TMS technician at This is your first step before setting up a consultation.
  • Does TMS work?
    For people who have not found relief with antidepressants, TMS is a safe and proven depression treatment without the systemic side effects of medication. 83% of patients completing NeuroStar TMS treatment experienced measurable depression relief, and 62% experienced full remission of their depression symptoms.
  • Is TMS covered by my insurance?
    TMS is covered by most major insurance.
  • What if I have an emergency?
    We are not an emergency medicine provider. Patients still need to activate the emergency medical system in their area, if needed. However, their concierge provider will be readily available to support them after the emergency and for follow-up.
  • Do I still need medical insurance if I enroll in your concierge services?
    Yes. Our concierge care practice will not take the place of general health insurance coverage. (Unfortunately, we cannot accept MassHealth patients by state law.)
  • Will I still be a patient at AFP even if I am not interested in concierge medicine?
    Yes, existing AFP patients will not be affected by the concierge program. However, AFP patients who would prefer the concierge model of care are being offered a discount. Please note that at this time, the only provider offering concierge will be Dr. Taylor and not the other existing AFP providers.
  • What services/benefits are provided with the concierge package?
    Concierge medicine patients can expect to receive more direct access to their CP, as well as a more comprehensive annual physical that will include health risk assessments and laboratory and diagnostics testing. Additionally, the CP is more involved than a traditional outpatient provider in the event of patient hospitalization or acute illnesses and has more availability for family support and team meetings in the process. In addition to the annual assessment, longer routine visits, and prompt scheduling, our concierge medicine patients can receive any of the following at no additional cost: · Stress and Wellbeing Assessment by a Certified Health Coach/Stress Specialist · Annual visit with Certified Health Coach to set health goals · There’s also a menu for patients to choose from of additional customized services, such as physical therapy assessments, sports medicine assessments, parenting classes, massage, stress reduction treatments, etc.
  • What is concierge medicine?
    Concierge medicine is a relationship between a patient and a CP (concierge provider) in which the patient pays an annual fee in exchange for more accessibility and longer appointments with their primary care provider, as well as additional custom services.
  • What are membership costs?
    Concierge pricing for individuals begins at $3,500 a year, existing AFP patients are offered a discounted annual rate of $3,000. For info regarding family plans, fill out an interest form below.
  • Will I need to pay the annual fee even if I do not use all of the services offered to me?
    Yes, paying the annual fee allows you to be a part of ACM whether you are actively ill or not.
  • What else makes concierge special?
    We will have a dedicated phone line to facilitate access for Dr. Taylor’s panel of concierge patients. Concierge patients will also receive the excellent care that AFP provides with the support around accessing their prescriptions and specialist referrals. The concierge program will feature experienced, high quality medical providers like Dr. Taylor.
  • How do the concierge services differ from your traditional practice?
    The smaller concierge practice size allows the concierge provider to devote more custom attention to each patient’s care and individual needs.
  • Which office will your CP be in?
    Our CP will be in the Northampton office.
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