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Careers at AFP

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Current Positions as of 02/2024

Why Work with AFP?


You are not just a number here.  That is very apparent in the members of the AFP team.  A genuine care and concern for their patients! The practice is very supportive of professional growth.

I love coming to work everyday and see the smiling faces of the dogs. At times we also get to hold babies and watch our patients children grow up.

There are jobs that are ‘just a job,’ and then there’s Atkinson Family Practice. I wake up every morning excited to go to work where I make a difference doing work that matters. The passion that providers have for their patients is unparalleled, the clinical team goes to bat for them every day, the front office staff are consummate professionals, and I consider it a privilege to be part of a team with so many dedicated and motivated individuals. It’s one of the best ‘jobs’ I’ve ever had.”


AFP Company Culture:

Our culture key words include:

  • Collaborative ~ We encourage team work, time spent with your office family in an informal, engaging way. We expect you to bounce ideas off of each other and work well as part of a team.

  • Creative ~ We emphasize and welcome brainstorming and innovation. We may go about it in a more casual way, but our projects are still results-oriented.

  • Energetic ~ At AFP, our team is motivated and we pride ourselves on a fluid and vibrant work environment.

  • Fast-paced ~ Be prepared to multi-task. You will not be bored as the workday goes by quickly and no two days are exactly alike.

  • Friendly ~ Our team treat each other with respect and kindness, and we are all about meaningful interactions with each other.

  • Inclusive ~ Making employees from all walks of life feel welcome is our priority at AFP. Everyone is celebrated and has a place at the company. Exclusionary behavior is not tolerated. 

  • Passionate ~ Our AFP team is driven and go the extra mile. We look for team members who give their full selves to the job and invest in our future and the future of our patients. 

  • Playful ~ We have a fun atmosphere where no one takes themselves too seriously. We have regular and appropriate social events where we interact with each other frequently. 

  • Stimulating ~ The culture at AFP is one that will encourage you to think deeply. We have lively conversation and assure you there is lots to be learned. We encourage growth and evolution.


At Atkinson Family Practice, our mission is to:

Promote the health of our patients by providing innovative, highest-quality, comprehensive, personalized health-care.

Serve as a ‘medical home’ for patients by coordinating, managing and integrating the various aspects of their health to ensure comprehensive, holistic care.

Create a comfortable, compassionate atmosphere where the relationship between the practice and patients is one of partnership and open dialogue.

Encourage patient education, life style modification, and prevention as critical aspects to optimal long-term health.

Provide our patients with education and resources to enable them to make informed lifestyle and health care decisions and partner with patients to minimize their risks of developing disease.

Our Mission

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