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Get To Know Careen P.A.!

Careen Bertheaud, PA-C started at AFP this week. We are so excited to have her join our family and to connect with our patients. Careen took a few moments to share a little of her journey with us.

AFP: Congratulations on your graduation!  What was your favorite class that you took in college?

Careen: My favorite class was Medical Ethics By the Bedside that I took at the University of Rochester when obtaining my first graduate degree in Medical Humanities and Bioethics.  

AFP: What led you to a career in medicine?

Careen: I became a PCA [Personal Care Assistant] for a little girl with a seizure disorder in high school. Through her, I fell in love with caretaking/the healthcare field and always wanted to become a provider. 

AFP: Name a role model who inspired you in life or your career.

Careen: My mother, a nurse for the past 40 years, has always told me many of her stories and been my inspiration to pursue medicine. Hearing her and my grandmother, who is also a nurse, tell their experiences, I fell deeper in love with the healthcare field.

AFP: What energizes you about your job?

Careen: I am very passionate about helping others and advocating for their health. 

AFP: Tell us a fun fact that most people might not know about you.

Careen: I love to snowmobile and use ATVs up in Northern Vermont with my four siblings, extended family, and friends.

AFP: Finally, tell us your SUPERPOWER!

Careen: My super power is organizing! I really enjoy organizing parties or events with many people! 


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