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The Queen of Our Fun!


Katrina, our Clinical Supervisor, has become our Head of Good Times at AFP. And this is not being taken lightly. We seriously appreciate her imagination, her organization and her drive to bring unique and fun ideas and events into both our offices. As you know, times have been stressful for everyone, let alone healthcare workers. Katrina is a shining light at Atkinson Family Practice so we wanted to share a little more about her with all of you!

AFP: How long have you been with Atkinson Family Practice?

Katrina: I started here at AFP on Jan 11th 2021

AFP: Have you always been the event planner type?

Katrina: I love to plan fun things that motivate and get everyone to feel connected and enjoy each other’s company. We spend a good part of our day with our work families, that its nice to have fun together!

AFP: What are some of the most fun things you’ve planned for Atkinson?

Katrina: I absolutely LOVED Fun Fridays ( Harry Potter Day was my favorite)  and hope to resume them soon!

AFP: Can you give us a hint of what you have coming up?

Katrina: We are planning a trip to Interskate 91 and hope to have a fun family day at Look Park!


Thank you again Katrina for all you do! We love that you are a part of our team!

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