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Hidden Patterns–The Art of Sally Greenebaum

Periodically, in our Northampton office, we display the artwork of talented local artists. These art “galleries” are a great way to connect with our community as well as give these artists a chance to connect with AFP patients. This month, we are excited to feature occupational therapist and photographer Sally Greenebaum of Sally Greenebaum Photography. Sally was gracious enough to tell us about her work and inspiration. We hope after reading this, you will visit our Northampton office to see her work for yourself (and they are for sale, too!)


AFP: What drew you to art and photography?

Sally: I’ve always been interested in the creative process, whether it’s watching performing musicians, painters at work, or dancers moving on stage. As a cellist, I perform in a string quartet and really enjoy the process of learning a piece of music together. I think there is a connection between the patterns I notice and like in music and the patterns I find to take pictures of with my photography. When I first started getting seriously interested in photography, about 15 years ago, I started noticing patterns in nature, and, especially abstract patterns in water. Not only do I enjoy discovering art in nature, but I also find it to be very relaxing walking outside and breathing in the fresh air.


Ice Circles by Sally Greenebaum

AFP: What kind of photography is your specialty and why?

Sally: If I had to choose, I’d say, abstract water reflections are my favorite things to take pictures of. I can spend hours, especially in a harbor, taking photographs of the patterns made by reflections of colorful boats in the moving water. I never know, as I snap the shutter, exactly how the picture is going to come out, as the moving water changes the picture every second.

AFP: Do you have a favorite photo that you’ve taken?  One that means something truly special to you?

Sally: Ooh, this is a hard one! I have lots that I really like. That being said, I do find myself always going back to some of my earliest water reflection photos. I’m showing two of these in Dr. Kate’s office: the water reflection with the big squiggly red stripe in the middle, and the duck reflection. I feel like both of these are good examples of the kind of work I like to do. They were also both taken in Santa Barbara, CA and bring back nice memories of the time I lived there.


Reflection with Red Stripe by Sally Greenebaum

AFP: What is next for you with your art/photos?

Sally: I’ve got several photography irons in the fire right now. I’m working on updating my website ( and my Etsy shop ( for the holidays. I’m also putting together my annual calendar which will include my favorite photos from the past year. Mostly, I look forward to my next walk when I get to explore and take pictures of the beautiful area around us!


Duck Reflection by Sally Greenebaum

For more information on Sally’s work, visit and of course, come to the Northampton office to visit our art gallery showcasing this amazing local artist! Her work will be on display through the holidays.

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