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‘Tis the season for giving…

Besides the fundraiser we do with the beautiful quilt we get to give away each year (and congratulations to our winner!), we have two other ways we give back to our patients and the community during the winter season.


Help us help others!

Did you know that we have sponsored a different family each year right here in our Practice? We begin to raise money for this family’s holiday needs with the quilt raffle in November but we continue fundraising throughout December as well! We do this through our Ugly Holiday Sweater Day every Wednesday! When you, our amazing patients, see us in our ugly sweaters, that’s your signal to spring into action and donate to our Sponsored Family Holiday Fund! And when you do, we will match that donation–that’s right, match it!

With this money, we are able to work with our chosen family to get them the items they need the most this holiday season! Ask us more about how you can help by calling 413-549-8400 or emailing! We value the closeness of our Practice and patient families all throughout the year!


In early December, Atkinson Family Practice takes part in an amazing event called the Hot Chocolate Run. This 5K is hosted by Safe Passage out of Northampton (more info below). There are so many reasons this event makes us happy. First, we are helping an important and vital community organization. Second, we are working together as a team, which we always love to do. Third, this run is just a fun thing to take part in! For more information, visit the Hot Chocolate Run page at


AFP’s 2017 Hot Chocolate Run Team and AFP's 2018 Hot Chocolate Run Team

Safe Passage is an organization with firm roots in Hampshire County. Originally called Necessities/Necesidades, it was founded in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1978 with the mission of empowering women by “providing them with self-help techniques that allow them to end abusive relationships.” In their long tenure in Western Massachusetts, they have continued to be a means of support to survivors and their families, stay active within the community, and be effective advocates for change. Visit Safe Passage at:


The Hot Chocolate Run has been a part of Atkinson Family Practice’s winters for many years. This year the 5K is on December 8. The start line is at the intersection of Crafts Avenue and Old South Street in Downtown Northampton and the race begins at 10:15am. Hope to see you there!!


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