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We Love Our New Location!

Atkinson Family Practice is growing! With so many patients who live In the Northampton area, we knew we needed to open an office on the other side of the bridge. Driving to Amherst can be quite a trip when someone doesn’t feel well or has a sick child. So we are so excited that in July of this year, we opened AFP Noho on Hatfield Dr. in Northampton.

Doctor Kate has been diligently searching over the past two years in both Northampton and Easthampton for the right building, but could not find it until she discovered that 6 Hatfield was for sale. Doctor Kate’s father, Rollin Johnson MD, was an Orthopedic Surgeon who selected the site and oversaw the construction of the building for his Orthopedic practice. Kate was a teenager at home and recalls watching and hearing about the entire process. She even seems to remember most of the Moving Office journey, and the local movers who helped them in the process. Doctor Johnson died suddenly in 2004-and for Doctor Kate, owning that building creates a sense of closeness to him, and closure.


Dr. Rollin Johnson

After Orthopedics, the building was rented by several different medical companies, most recently an urgent care center. The building was solid and well-constructed but the interior needed upgrading. The building also required some exterior maintenance too, such as window cleaning. It was important that the whole building was clean for the practice to open, so a professional window cleaning service was contacted to ensure the practice looked clean and attractive from the outside, as well as the inside. Atkinson Family Practice also updated the heating system, replaced all the rugs with laminate flooring and repainted throughout while updating some of the rooms and improving the clinical station. The upgrades and construction were all overseen by Sam Taylor and we started seeing patients there in July 2019. Of course, as part of the improvements, health and safety signs were also put up. This ensures that staff and patients are aware of the boundaries and also know where the fire exits are. These signs are created by signs experts, so they are perfect for our new building.

AFP’s goal in Northampton is to re-create the collaborative integrative environment we have offered for years in Amherst. AFP Noho has behavioral therapists and psychiatric consultation for adults and children, massage, group medical visits, and a lab. But one of our greatest hopes is that AFP Noho will have its own “vibe”. For example, Doctor Laura Manfield-Goodridge will be seeing consults for pelvic floor disorders like pain and incontinence and we are planning to offer Parenting Support classes in the space.


Katelyn, Doctor Kate, Mark and Sarah, our AFP Noho providers


Dr. Laura (top left), Amanda (top center), Jennifer (top right)
Allison (bottom left), Emily (bottom right)

We hope you are as excited about our newest location as we are. If you have questions about our amazing providers, patient policies or are ready to make an appointment, call us at 413-549-8400!

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