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Meet Our New Chiropractor–Jason Potash!

Recently, a new chiropractor, Jason Potash came on board at AFP Noho. We are so lucky to have someone with his expertise joining our ranks. We are eager for our patients to learn more about him so he has graciously answered some questions for us–and for you!


AFP:  What fueled your desire to go into chiropractic medicine? 

Jason: I first found my calling for manual medicine through massage therapy school. After I finished as an LMT, I wanted to learn more about the body so I would be able to diagnose and to expand my scope of practice.  I felt that chiropractic school provided the most in-depth education for a manual therapy provider. As a patient, I had dealt with a number of injuries and I was often frustrated when I did not understand what was going on with my body to cause pain. I wanted to become a provider that would listen, understand, and be able to help with many treatment options to suit each individual.

AFP: What is your favorite part of your job?

Jason: I love to see quick results and also to get to the root cause of patients’ issues. On most visits patients will come in and they will have some pain or difficulty in one or more range of motion. We will retest after treatment and it’s quite common that they will be able to move freely without pain by the end of the visit. That relatively short feedback loop is always gratifying.

AFP: What brought you to Atkinson Family Practice?

Jason: I was originally hired at AFP as a massage therapist in 2017 before I decided to go to chiropractic school. I have kept in touch with Dr. Kate over the past 4 years and after my internship in an integrative care setting through the VA Healthcare system I knew I wanted to continue working in this healthcare model as I believe it’s best for both patients and providers. 

AFP: When can patients make an appointment to see you, and how would they go about doing that?

Jason: I am in the Northampton office Mondays and Tuesdays from 9am-6pm and Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am-5pm. Patients can talk to their primary care provider about making an appointment.


Jason collaborating with Haiying Conover, LMT

Jason is ready to see you at AFP Noho! Just check with your primary care provider to set up an appointment!

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