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Atkinson Family Practice Welcomes New Provider, Laura Manfield-Goodridge, DO, MS


Atkinson Family Practice welcomes Laura Manfield-Goodridge, DO to AFP NOHO.  Dr. Manfield-Goodridge brings to the practice a background in Physical  Medicine with a specialty in Pelvic floor rehabilitation. She’s excited to be joining an innovative team that provides care in an open-minded, holistic and patient-centered way.

Laura met Dr. Kate Atkinson when AFP opened its office on Research Drive in Amherst in 2012.  Atkinson Family Practice immediately impressed Dr Laura as a place where she would like to work and be a patient. 

“I look at patients as a whole person. I don’t treat them based on their complaint.” Dr. Laura says her approach to medicine emphasizes the values shared by other practitioners at AFP. Healthcare is not a “one-way street” and Dr Laura explains it well, “It’s really important for the patient to realize that they are the most important part of their own health and their own well-being.”

A native New Yorker, Dr. Laura grew up in an immigrant community speaking Romanian as her first language. She is a graduate of the Bronx High School of Science and Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., where she studied nutrition and received a degree in Human Biology, Health, and Society. She also studied in Australia as a Fulbright scholar, receiving a Master’s of Science from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. 

She enjoyed supporting the 2007 and 2008 New York City Marathons as one of the Medical Captains and served as a Medical Volunteer during the US Open Tennis Trials in 2008.

To top things off, Dr. Laura received her Doctor of Osteopathy degree from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in Old Westbury, N.Y. Laura described her osteopathic education as getting the best of both worlds. “I really liked the fact that an osteopathic education included an allopathic education in the sense that you got the traditional medical training. But on top of that, you also get an understanding of how the body works in terms of structure and function,” describing that it’s a well-rounded and holistic approach that includes traditional medical training.

We are excited to have Dr. Laura start at AFP NOHO.  She cares about the patient as a whole in which is in line with AFP’s values and morals. To become a patient with one of our new providers including Mark Ryan PA-C and Sarah Vacca PA-C, contact the front desk at 413-549-8400 to schedule your first patient appointment.

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