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AFP's 2022 Halloween Costume Contest 

November 2, 2022

Our annual Halloween Costume Contest took place this Monday. Halloween is always one of our favorite days of the year and we were especially impressed by this year's entries! Thank you all for participating by either dressing up or voting. Each year, our Amherst and Northampton offices dress up to compete for the Spirit Award, continue reading to see who took the prize this year. 

Cammi in Costume
Chris - Solo
Kirsten - Bop It
Heidi - Rapper
Mary- Zoom Meeting
Careen as Quarterback
Ceasar and Crew
Joe- Purge
Lionel - Pats fan
Noho Group
Sarah - Hot Dog and Costco Employee
Amy- Scarecrow
Winter as Toto
Sheehan - Solo
Lindsey- Flower 2
Alexis - Rosie
Back Office- Oz 2
Kate and Crew
Heidi and Jenn
Mark - Pink Eye
Broken Doll
Adam - French Burglar
Mario Kart- Amherst
Halloween 2022 - Most Creative.png

Charmaine took 1st Place in the "Most Creative" category for her striking "Broken Doll" costume. 

Halloween 2022- Eco Friendly.png

Lindsey and her adorable dog Marvin took 1st Place in the "Most Eco Friendly" category for their Flower and Bumblebee costumes!

Halloween 2022- Funniest (1).png

Mark took 1st Place in this years "Funniest" category for his creative "Pink I" costume! 

Halloween 2022- Best Group Costumes.png

Both the Amherst and Northampton Clinical teams combined forces to take 1st Place in the "Best Group Costume" category dressed as "Mario Kart"! 

Costume Context- Most Creative. (7).png

The offices sure have some cute pups! This year, Cammie and Suzi won 1st Place for their "Star Trek Crew" Costumes. 

And last, but not least, this years Spirit Award goes to...

Halloween 2022- Spirit Award.png


Thank you all for participating in this year's costume contest! Connecting and laughing with our patients and friends is the reason why this contest means so much to us. We're already planning our costumes for next year and hope you will join us! 

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