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Group Medical Visits


Below are our current Group Medical Visits and Support Groups. Simply click through the slideshows below to see the ongoing and upcoming Group Medical Visits. Please contact for more information or to register.

September/October Group Medical Visits

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Previous Group Medical Visit Testimonies


Getting in Shape Safely:

"Practical, we’ll-suited program to jump start getting into better shape. The program did what it said it would do. Jason was attentive to each participant."

"Grateful for basics and advice for moving forward on our own."

Osteoporosis Series:

"The information was clearly presented, Dr. Kate's was outstanding, and very helpful in that it continues to energize me to exercise which is a challenge."

DBT Support Group:

"The group feels inclusive, supportive, and safe. Expectations are clearly laid out and acceptance of the realities of life are imbedded in this group. This group is centered around problem solving in a way that is real and accessible."

Solos Support Group:

"The support and connections that we’ve all formed with no judgement. It’s a place where you are truly heard and understood regardless of how you are feeling or managing. So very helpful for us older people with mental health stresses in our older years."

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