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Graceful Teachings

Jennifer Jordan’s new class and certification

No matter where you go, no matter what you do, you are exposed to all sorts of advertising and marketing.  Whether it’s posted on the side of a bus, on a billboard, in a newspaper, on the television, on social media or simply listening to the radio.  There are all kinds of exposure from advertising, including many diets and beauty products. Simply, any type of media any person is exposed to, there will be some sort of strong and powerful source of advertising and marketing.

In an NPR interview with Columbia University Law professor and author Tim Wu, he thinks that we spend 50 percent of our mental energy trying to defeat the ads system.  Many advertisements these days includes images of quote-on-quote “beautiful people” with claims that their products will help you look better, especially beauty products.

This is where Jennifer Jordan, DNP comes in, to help people distinguish between what is good and what is a “knock-off.”  Not only will she be teaching a class called “Aging Gracefully” at AFP, but she has also recently been certified in administering Botox to patients.  Her goal? To make sure that patients of AFP are learning about what’s good, and not good when it comes to beauty products. Along with making sure patients have access to safe and effective Botox treatments, without having to refer out to other practices.

Jennifer explains, “I’ve had my patients ask me where they can have cosmetic procedures like Botox and dermal fillers.  And I’ve had to refer them out to other providers that may not know them as well as I know them.” To be referred out to receive a Botox treatment can be an inconvenience and usually comes with a wait.  This is when she made the decision to go to the Aesthetic Medical Education Training Conference in Boston, Mass. to get certified in administering Botox Treatments. 

“It was something I thought why not offer that.  Why not become trained in doing that so I won’t have to send them [patients] out.” Also explaining that with Jennifer being the one medical home providers here at AFP, the patient would more than likely be more comfortable with seeing a provider with a familiar face.

Having a Botox treatment does not mean you are trying to change your appearance, it’s more or less you are only trying to enhance your look.  Jennifer knows that people work hard to have a healthy lifestyle and want to feel young, and also wants to look young. “In our 50s and 60s, we feel like we’re in our 30s, and it’s nice to try to regain some of that youthful appearance to match with how we feel on the inside.”

Botox, which is cleared by the FDA, is not plastic surgery and it won’t change the way you look.  Botox temporarily relaxes the facial muscles from causing the repetitive motion that overtime causes wrinkles in the skin.  While relaxing the facial muscles, the botox treatment is blocking the nerve impulse that causes that particular muscle in the face to contract.  Making you look good as much as you feel good at the same time. Each treatment can last anywhere from 2-6 months and most often lasts 3-4 months.  

Along with her new certification, she will also be hosting a series of group medical visits for women over the age of 25 on “Aging Gracefully.”  She will be hosting her first one on July 22nd, 2019 and the first topic is skincare. She plans on talking about other topics such as sexual health and hair loss over a woman’s lifespan.  

“There’s a lot of hype in this industry and a lot of manufacturers of products willing to take your money and give you products that don’t work in exchange.  Most of these have no science or evidence to support their claims. I want women to know what actually works and why so they can be more critical about what they choose.”  Some examples of products that are not what they are amped up to be are topical creams, IPLs, collagen, biotin, the list goes on.

Jennifer has already got the ball rolling with the installation of her new services.  Her next n” Aging Gracefully Class” will be in the fall.

-Written by Alex LaMarche


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