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Finding Your Best Self

Starting in March, and running for 20 weeks, Atkinson Family Practice is running a series called Finding Your Best Self. These ground-breaking treatment sessions are being led by Dana Parrot, LICSW. Dana took a few moments out of her preparation for this series to answer some questions about what patients can expect when registering!


AFP: Finding Your Best Self is based on the Seeking Safety textbook and treatment program.  Can you tell us a quick overview about the program?

Dana: Participating in this small confidential group is a way to learn how to increase your safety and to get emotional support.


AFP: How will this treatment impact the lives of the patients who take part?

Dana: Understanding how past trauma and addictions (ie alcohol, food, spending money, sleeping aids, pain meds) affect us can help us increase our ability to cope in the present.  It is not required to have a diagnosis of PTSD or an addiction to be in and benefit from this group.

AFP: How long does the treatment last?  And why?

Dana: The group is held on Zoom Wednesdays for one hour from 10:30-11:30 am and lasts approximately 5 months.  There are 24 helpful topics in total and one or two will be focused on each week. Some of the topics include taking good care of yourself, compassion, honesty, coping with triggers, creating meaning, setting boundaries in relationships, self-nurturing, healing from anger and asking for help.

AFP: What interested you both in leading the Finding Your Best Self series?

Dana: Trauma can result from so many different life experiences from childhood through adulthood.  The author of this program describes PTSD as a “normal reaction to abnormal events”.  This makes so much sense to me.  My hope is that people will develop more self-compassion as they understand how trauma affects them and that they are not alone. I also appreciate the way the program blends recovering from addiction and trauma at the same time rather than treating one then the other.

AFP: Anything additional you would like to share about Finding Your Best Self?

Dana: If you are not sure you are ready for this group starting in March or if it is the right group for you, please contact me to discuss.

Thank you so much for this great information! If you are interested in taking part in this series, contact Dana at dparrot

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