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Learning More About Your Core!

Anne Ye, PT, instructor of the two popular classes Introduction to Exercise and Healthy Back is debuting a NEW class this Thursday, September 3 at 6pm. This class is called Say Hello To Your Core and primarily focuses on the importance of our core muscles! Anne gave us some more important information on this five week series!

AFP: Why is it important to take care of our core? 

Anne: The spine is a series of bones (vertebrae) that are stacked on top of each other. Your “core” are the muscles that protect your spine from too much strain and overuse.  Every day, when you lift your arm, turn your head, walk, stand up, climb stairs, or lift items you are relying on the muscles of your core to protect your spine from the demands placed on your body. 


AFP: Will most patients be able to do the exercises you will be demonstrating?

Anne: Yes. Many of the exercises are most effective if done on the floor. For the patients who need to sit in a chair we have adapted the exercises to achieve the same goals. This course is developed to help you understand what the core is both physically and cognitively. If you haven’t been taught how to activate your core, we need to help you first understand what it is, where the muscles are, and then how to activate and use them. My approach is part cognitive, and part physical. Everyone comes out ahead by just learning what it is to begin with. 

AFP: What are some day to day activities that can be done better with a stronger core?

Anne: Lifting with more confidence, bending over with better stability, walking with more endurance, standing taller & straighter, and more. I hope to give each person the chance to know his or her body’s stabilizing muscles better. The sky is the limit. 


AFP: Is there anything specific about the class you would like to share with our patients?

Anne: I am offering you a journey into understanding the mechanics of your body, how to help it help you, and how to enjoy what it has to offer. I LOVE this whole topic. It lies at the crux of what drew me into physical therapy to begin with. I hope you will join me. 

Say Hello To Your Core starts on September 3 at 6pm with an introduction into the core muscles. The classes continues every Thursday through October 1. There is no fee for AFP patients. To register, contact

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