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Position Summary

Clinical Assistant provides clinical support in a family practice integrative care environment.  Including, but not limited to, rooming patients for their appointments, chart preparation via EMR, and communication between providers and patients. Assisting providers with all clinical day to day duties as needed. 

Job Duties

  • Room patients in an efficient, thorough, and timely manner

  • When rooming patients responsible for taking vitals, reviewing medications, and completing a full work up based on protocols to prepare the patient for the provider's visit.

  • Accurately enter all information into the patient's chart.

  • Inform front desk of schedule changes - if a person needs to be moved from one provider to another

  • Complete and all labs relevant to the patient's visit, i.e. rapid strep, UA, urine tox screen, buprenorphine, A1C, etc.

  • Ensure order slip for patients specimens is correct and contained with the specimen and that specimen containers are labeled properly and either mailed or placed in correct courier lab box daily.

  •  Responsible for carrying out any additional task requested by the provider by following protocols for each, such as EKG, Spirometry, foot exams, and document accurately into EMR 


  • High School Graduate or equivalent. Medical Assistant Graduate or higher degree with one year medical office experience preferred. 

  • Detail oriented

  • Attentive to patient needs.​

  • Experience with computers and data entry preferred. 

  • Effective communication skills.

  • Ability to follow and prioritize multiple directions to completion.

  • Enjoy working in a busy, hectic, and sometimes stressful environment with interruptions.

  • Able to adjust to change in techniques, protocols or policy.

  • Team Player

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