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Art is Freedom

The title of today’s blog is actually part of a quote about art by Christo (1935 – ), the famous environmental artist. The entire quote is “The work of art is a scream of freedom.” Art is amazing and can be transformational, even life-changing. That’s why it is encouraged that people attend art classes similar to those by Jeanne Oliver, because everyone has an artist within them, and can experiment with different mediums. We are so fortunate to have both offices located in areas heavily into the art scene. Our Northampton office has been a gallery of sorts for a couple of different local artists. Most recently, Mary Witt, an abstract artist from Florence, MA.


One of Mary Witt’s paintings

We asked Mary to tell us a little about herself and how she became an artist.

I was raised by German parents, surrounded by abstract art, so it’s always been in my blood. I was sent to various art classes, public and private, over the years, inspired by working artists in all mediums. At Oberlin College, I took art classes every semester, trying out various styles and materials. Upon moving to Western Massachusetts in 1993, I began painting, guided by a professional painter in the area. Because of my upbringing, I had the courage to experiment and play freely, eventually developing my own style of abstract acrylic painting.

The artist goes on to say:

I work mostly on canvas with various sized palette knives, applying paint thickly to achieve the depth and textures that speak to me. The compositions evolve as I work, created by listening to music and trying out various colors and layers to achieve the final painting. Layering wet or dry material on either wet or dry paint already on the canvas, produces multiple fields of color and atmosphere. The hues are mixed in spontaneous ways, therefore leading to the end piece of artwork. I step back often to get some perspective, and then dive back in to add more perspective and work toward the finish line. I teach this intuitive way of painting at Northampton Center for the Arts, encouraging others to free themselves up and see what might evolve. I feel that abstract art speaks to the viewer and the artist to spark imagination.


A Mary Witt original

We are excited to have Mary’s imaginative paintings hanging in our Northampton office for the next few weeks. Mary’s business cards and a price list are available there as well. For more information, you can email or visit Mary on Facebook at: 

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