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Aging Gracefully with AFP

Whether you get Botox Nashville, use an expensive moisturizer, or get a face lift, there are many ways to prevent yourself from aging. So today, Jennifer Jordan, DNP, wants to pass along some pretty incredible information with you. She provides a valuable service by showing how both men and women can soften lines and wrinkles, sharing ways she can help people look on the outside as young as they feel on the inside, and telling everyone that it is possible to gain confidence and exceed our own personal expectations safely.

Jennifer’s Aging Gracefully classes and services address through both Western and holistic medicines the lifestyle changes our bodies experience. Her series of classes are offered regularly at Atkinson Family Practice’s Amherst office. Not only that, but Jennifer provides Facial Rejuvenation Services. She uses a subtle approach to enhance skin and facial features rather than change them. She knows and understands that people work hard to have a healthy lifestyle and want to feel and look young. She completed her training in May 2019 through Aesthetic Medical Educators Training, Inc.


Jennifer Jordan doing her Botox magic on Dr. Kate!

Jennifer says, “It is so important to understand how our appearance changes as we age–the physiology and biology. My classes talk about changes in muscle mass, hair growth, and skin elasticity. I explore sexual health and how intimacy changes with age.”

An Aging Gracefully class is coming up on November 25 called Female Patterned Hair Loss. By attending the class, attendees will understand the etiology behind female balding, hair loss, and evidence-based treatment! They’ll be able to walk away with more of an understanding of hair loss, and potentially look at various treatments such as a neograft hair transplant if they want it. Sign up is available by calling 413-549-8400 or emailing


Starting Monday, November 25, Atkinson Family Practice is also having a special holiday promotion! Where Botox services are normally charged by the area, Jennifer is offering a special $10/unit service! Make an appointment by December 10 to take advantage of this offer! Her facial filler service is also on sale for only $450! Call 413-549-8400 to make your appointment today!

Facial filler service is also on sale for only $450! Call 413-549-8400 to make your appointment today!


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